About Me

My name is Kamelia. I was more familiarly called MELLZ, CRAZY, AMEL, MAJU and Scary VAMPIRE. mmm … at least people call me that.
my friends call me CRAZY because I most often make the absurdity among my friends. then MAJU, I was called forward by one of my friends from school at the same time, the reason I called MAJU because I love the thing as ‘MARTABAK CHEESE’. then the last Scary Vampire … the reason I called or referred to it as I often say ‘HEY YOU, I’M THE VAMPIRE! GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD! ‘
yaa … to frolic and entertain ourselves .. hehehe …

I was born a mortal world is about 19 years ago precisely in the month of December. for those who know exactly when my birthday, yaaa … presumably willing friends give speeches and gifts to me, kekeke (kidding) …
enough so that his prayers have given me longevity, health, abundance rezeky Almighty and hopefully what I aspire to achieve. amiiiinn …

Mellz, here I am .. I was once a hobby of writing novels. create a story of ideas and inspiration to me. writing novels is my life. by writing a novel I really feel alive. life as a character in the novel and in the real world because every day I have thousands and inspiration that I could not leave. therefore I pour it in novel form.

I was …… but really like writing a novel … I am including a super naughty girl … no day for me to stop ignorant anyone, whether it’s my friend and also my brother ,,, I’m the second evil after Kyuhyun oppa .. hehehe
but …. I hate it when people are ignorant to me. (selfish me) hahaha

I was a young writer who dreams of becoming a girl who can be successful in my career. in addition to success as a writer and a famous writer, I also want to be a great programmer. that can be recognized in the eyes of the world. apart from that I also wanted to meet with BEAST/B2ST, Super Junior, SHINee, CN BLUE, 2NE1, and Wu Zun. kekeke ..

hopefully achieved, yes ..

hmmm … I think I’m pretty good primer on up here first .. if anyone wants to know me more in the comments ..


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